Workspace management

Many organizations see hardware and software costs as the most important costs for workplace management. A mistake that is often made! Workplace management is a branch of sport that can save a lot of time and money with a good design. A poorly designed computer causes a lot of inconvenience, outages, dissatisfied users and indirect high costs because non-productive employees have to wait for slow applications.

By taking the work of the users into account during the design phase and by cleverly applying available technology, a simple, but above all intuitive and easy to manage workplace is realized.

Weevil thoroughly considers the consequences of different designs for users and management in advance. This considerably reduces costs, making the business case simple. The user is of paramount importance in workplaces designed by Weevil and therefore your users enjoy working at workplaces designed by us. When designing a (virtual or VDI) workplace, consider: OS deployment, Patch management, Software distribution, Workspace customization, Remote management, Green-IT, Power, management, inventory management. A good amount of buzz words, but if you read through the design, these topics will be clearly readable.

The many years of experience Weevil employees have with managing workplaces and supporting users can meet the expectations of a new workplace. By involving the user in the project, they can indicate existing problems and make new wishes known. That is not a license for the realization of all wishes, but it does mean that a project is supported by the organization and a workplace that is experienced positively.

In addition to workplace management at your own location, Weevil also offers virtual workplaces in the cloud. This way you can use all your applications wherever you are.