VMWare ESXi Server is a server virtualization software developed by VMWare Inc.

ESXi server has been developed as a “bare metal hypervisor” which means that it works directly on the server hardware and does not require an underlying operating system. The virtualization software ESXi has its own kernel with built-in drivers for the supported hardware and is designed on an ultra-thin architecture, independent of a general operating system, so that VMWare retains full control over the control of the hardware and is independent of 3rd party drivers. This makes the platform very stable and suitable for virtualization of your server environment.

The VCenter console offers all the required functionality to set up a High-available and fully redundant environment and manage it centrally via a web interface. By expanding the number of ESXi servers in the VCenter, your environment is expanded when the requested server capacity this requires.

Weevil IT has a lot of experience with the design, configuration and fine-tuning of VMWare environments. Integration with storage, network and / or backup is often possible.