Project Management

A project is a set of joint activities, leading to a final goal. Project managers at Weevil determine the work to be done that leads to your final goal, help you put together a team and plan the work.
The project usually runs in 5 phases:

  1. Set up concept of composition and initiation. A project initiation document (PID) and a business case are usually delivered.
  2. Project definition and planning. The planning, the milestones, the team, the budget and the steering committee are determined.
  3. Project launch and implementation. The tasks are divided and the teams get to work. The tasks are performed.
  4. Project performance and control. The project manager monitors the status and checks whether the progress is going according to plan. Action is taken where necessary. The project manager reports to the steering committee on planning, budget, deliverables, risks and issues. Where necessary, the steering committee makes a decision.
  5. Closing the project. Once the final goal has been achieved, an evaluation is made and the project is closed. At the closure, a transfer takes place to the management organization.
    Weevil has a lot of experience in supervising projects in various branches. Weevil serves its clients in government, the financial sector, medical and healthcare sectors and knows like no other how to combine IT with your process automation, medical applications and healthcare systems.