Management / Outsourcing

Weevil can fully manage your IT infrastructure or support you it in its management. Outsourcing of IT management (outsourcing) means that you own your systems and Weevil manages these for you so that you can focus your attention on other matters.

Together with Weevil you determine the path that you want to take for IT on a strategic and tactical level. As Weevil knows your (IT) environment, Weevil can quickly map out the usefulness of new technology for you.

The costs for management are also known in advance. The service level (SLA) and the associated costs are determined according to your wishes. The state of affairs is regularly discussed with you and you are advised on your IT infrastructure.

Weevil can of course also manage part of your IT environment or support your own employees. Your own IT department does not need to build in-depth knowledge of a certain technology or product, but uses Weevil’s knowledge. Management is then done in close consultation with your own employees. Here too, the service level of the service is tailored to your wishes. This can also be a solution to give your own management organization time to learn how to manage a technology or product. Your environment can be outsourced at your own location, at a Weevil data center or in the Weevil cloud. Tailored advice is made depending on your situation.

If Weevil has not been involved in the implementation, research will first be conducted into the design of your IT environment. During this investigation, the IT environment is documented where necessary and the dependencies are mapped.

The Weevil service desk is staffed by technical consultants who can often help you further immediately. If you do not want to purchase any software and / or hardware, you can also lease IT through Weevil. This way you keep money free for other investments.